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There is a whiff of progress in the air. While we wait to see what happens at COP26 and preparing for WTM London on 1 November, there are signs of real change in our sector. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many in travel and tourism to think about trust as they seek to reassure their clients that it is safe to travel again. COVID-19 seems to have had a positive catalytic effect, accelerating and broadening some of the trends towards the adoption of sustainability practices that were nurturing pre-pandemic. We are beginning to accept that we have to learn to live with Covid and that other virus pandemics may come. We need to face the fact that our sector unintentionally spreads viruses with and between countries. We are a significant vector; we assist the virus to spread and will be in the firing line of future pandemics.

We have three live panels on 1 November – all solutions focussed on carbon, biodiversity and destinations. We are recognising 41 businesses and destinations in the WTM Responsible Tourism Awards presentations at 17:30 on 1 November – all of which have taken responsibility and have found and implemented solutions. Harold Goodwin has interviewed 12 tourism leaders for WTM London – they are all optimistic about decarbonising, learning to live with Covid and making the changes necessary to ensure that travel and tourism has positive impacts in our world. Listen to John Coplin, the designer of the RB211 aero-engine, an engineer who is passionate about how they can make hydrogen-powered aviation a reality – enabling our industry to grow and contribute to development around the world. All are keen to focus on implementation and to share ideas about what works – that is what WTM’s Platform for Change is for. 
Responsible Tourism at WTM London, November 2021
WTM London 2021 is a blended event at ExCeL with in-person and group sessions and virtual participation. The Responsible Tourism Programme is more diverse this year as we prepare for 2022, when we will reflect on and assess the progress made over the 20 years since the Cape Town Declaration in 2002. 
COP26, Biodiversity and Destination Resilience at WTM London
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The “code red” alert for the climate from the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report has particular implications for aviation.
The Platform for Change
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COP26, Biodiversity and Destination Resilience at WTM London
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